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As you all know, the front-line health care workers have done an incredible job in this Global pandemic situation. It's is an unprecedented situation and they put their life in jeopardy to save thousands of Canadians. All the Canadians are indebted to these heroes in their lifetime and whatever we do for them, will never match what they have done to us. Front line workers are the ones going to be benefitted by this program.

The funds raised will be entirely used to provide lunch or dinner to the front-line workers in recognition of their sacrifice.

We are planning to provide the meal for the front-line workers by May 20th and we would appreciate your help by May 17th, 2020.

As a community of Sri Lankan accountants, it's important that we recognize the front-line heroes who have sacrificed their time and put their in jeopardy in saving Canadians. We are looking for your support for this worthy cause.

Your help would be greatly appreciated by the Sri Lankan Accountants Association of Canada.


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07 May 2020

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